Regal Investment Fund (ASX: RF1)

Gain exposure to multiple alternative investment strategies

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Investment Objective

The Fund's Investment Objective is to provide investors with exposure to a selection of alternative investment strategies managed by Regal, with the aim of producing attractive risk adjusted absolute returns over a period of more than five years with limited correlation to equity markets.

Key Benefits

The Fund has been established to provide investors with exposure to a selection of alternative investment strategies.

The Fund's listed structure allows investors to access an investment management capability typically only available to wholesale investors.

The Fund will also provide investors with exposure to Regal's investment expertise, including our 15 year long track record of managing alternative investment strategies. The investment team members have, on average, over ten years' experience in financial markets both in Australia and overseas, with extensive experience of investing through many market cycles. The team has experience on the buy and sell side, fundamental investing, sales and research, long-side and hedge fund investing as well as investment banking and capital markets.

The Fund may appeal to investors who are seeking risk adjusted absolute returns from alternative investment strategies to diversify their investment portfolio. Investors should regard any investment in the Fund as a long term proposition and are to be aware that substantial fluctuations in the value of the portfolio held by the Fund may occur on a month to month basis over that period.

What makes the Fund different is the Manager's ability to use different combinations of multiple Regal Investment Strategies over the life of the Fund.

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What is RF1? - Interview between David Wright, Zenith Investment Partners and Phil King, Regal

How to use RF1 in portfolios - David Wright, Zenith Investment Partners

Alternative Investments: What, how and why? Used with permission. Regal did not pay for this video.


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