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Podcast: 'Inside the Rope' with David Clark (of Koda Capital) featuring Dr Craig Collie

Regal Funds Management is pleased to share the latest podcast from David Clark at Koda Capital which features Health Care Portfolio Manager, Dr Craig Collie.

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Episode summary:

Dr Craig Collie of Regal Funds Management joins David on this episode of Inside the Rope to discuss his career to date, starting as a medical doctor in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom before transitioning into financial services and ultimately his role at Regal.

Craig manages a sleeve of Regal's Market Neutral strategy, being long-short global healthcare and more recently a sleeve of Regal's listed investment trust. These sleeves have a diverse universe of global stocks, with holdings in pre-revenue biotech, medical device, hospital, lab provider and health insurance companies.

David and Craig also touch on COVID-19 and in particular the process behind developing a vaccine as well as the associated economic outcomes of being successful in doing so.

Note: Regal has, or is likely to have in the future, a position in the securities which are mentioned in this podcast.